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To be able to the customer's first choice, our main goal is to create higher standarts in production and planning With the technological improvement, the product range was varied over 1200 by producing equipment for all kinds of commercial vehicles and trailers, servicing in domestic market through branch offices in Konya and Istanbul where the leader brands situated in the sector. Our teams have solved the supply problem by conducting production planning carefully which is one of the most common problem, therefore we can provide our customers with on time delivery.

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Our place in the sector are sustained with the R&D (Research and Development)
and innovation activities especially in Machinery and Mold technology.

We are expanding our variaty of production and capacity gradually since founded, and serving to the internal and world market with Nevsehir, Konya and Istanbul facilities.Being able to first choice of our clients, increased production capacity with meticulous quality control and ready stock, producing more than 1200 different articles.

By means of our own networks besides carefully designated production planning, we overcome supply chain problems resulting with high customer satisfaction rates which gives us the biggest pleasure and increasing our encouragement for the prospective Research and Developments.